Equal Money System

The Equal Money System (EMS) is a research and development Project to formulate and investigate responses to general policies that affect the day to day life on Earth as to lifestyle for human, animal and plant. This project is managed and directed under the auspices of the Equal Life Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization, constituted under South African Law, duly audited as per legal requirements. Please support this NPO – either by donating or buying products from our online store.

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Equal Money Healthcare will track the Food Regimen, the Treatment Regimen, and the Diagnostic Regimen of Each Human to Enhance the Outcome of Optimum Living. This will Result in Real Science, producing a Healthy World focusing on Prevention as the Best Cure.

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Equal Money food Production will focus on Effective Healthy Living for all with the outcome of Longevity.

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Science in an Equal Money System will focus on the Principle of Directing the Living Experience for all to sustained fulfilment and Happiness as Quality Living.

I like this Goal and agree 100%


Education in an Equal Money System will prepare Each Human to become a Self-Aware, Responsible Part of the Human Race that lives a fulfilled and Extra Ordinary Life of Excellence, Happiness and fun. Equal Money will Ensure that every Citizen is Effectively Educated to Live in Harmony with Plants, Animals and the Environment in General.

I like this Goal and agree 100%


Democracy in an Equal Money System will Practically engage Every Citizen of the World to Vote on Every Aspect that will influence Day to Day Living, and No Politician will have Any Power to Make Decisions. Politicians will only Function as Administrators Effecting the Will of the People.

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The Equal Money System will reduce the use of non-renewable energy resources by 95% through removing the profit motive and replacing it with the production of effective products of the best quality available equally to all, supplementing energy needs with renewable energy sources.

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The Equal Money System will allow Religious Freedom of Association as long as it does not impede on the Right to Life and Protection and Equal Distribution of Resources, or impede on the Fulfillment, Education and Lifestyle of Each Living Being on Earth.

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Perfecting Life

The Equal Money System will allow only unbiased Record keeping and Reporting of Events and History, from the Starting Point of learning from Events with the Goal of Perfecting Life for All; in Educating and Critically Investigating how Humanity as a Group can Best Co-Exist with Each Other and All other Living Beings on Earth.

I like this Goal and agree 100%


The Equal Money System will Study the Psychological Well-Being of Humans to Ensure a Lifestyle free of Fear. The focus will be on Supporting Life to Practically Live Fulfillment and Happiness in Ways where Self-Gratification will not Harm any Living Being or the Environment. This is to Ensure the continuation of Earth as an Effective Resource for the Enjoyment of Future Generations.

I like this Goal and agree 100%


The Equal Money System will focus on the Development of Information Technology at the Most Advanced Possible Level, and the attainment of such Technologies for all – so ensuring a sustainable redirection in the requirements of, for example, plants in the use of paper. The Publishing Industry will Move to an Electronic Way to coincide with Equal Availability of Technology, making it Possible for Each Person to actively Participate and Research each Policy and decision that Impacts Life in General, with the emphasis being on a Solution without fear.

I like this Goal and agree 100%


In the Equal Money System, the production of ALL Necessities and Devices will form part of the Higher Education Curriculum functioning as a Practical Internship. After education, all Labour and Research for Enhancing the Experience on Earth will be on a Volunteer Basis. Volunteers will Contribute to the Development of Excellence in Perfecting Life on Earth as Part of their Self-Fulfillment as Life – being in Service to Life.

I like this Goal and agree 100%


The Equal Money System Policy Statements and Goals will be Amended from time to time to Achieve the Greatest Effectiveness in Policies and Goals that Will lead to the Best Possible Life for all on Earth.

I like this Goal and agree 100%


In the Equal Money System, the Banking System Infrastructure will become the Logistical System that manages and Allocates resources and goods to Each Individual in the World on an Equal Basis. And your bank card will become your Life Card, which you will swipe every time you Draw Goods and Services from the Global Life Support System. The Logistical System will make sure that each person receives their just dues and at the same time will prevent abuse and exploitation. Each person will have access to the Global System to review the current Status of Available Resources and to vote on effective distribution and allocation – and to place preference selections and make suggestions.

I like this Goal and agree 100%


Within an Equal Money system it will be recognized that Humans are a part of the Ecosystem they live in. The word 'eco' stands for 'home' - and thus, each human will be responsible for maintaining the Balance and Harmony within their home, within their Ecosystem. This involves the Monitoring of the Well-Being of the Plants and Animals within one's Environment and to Intervene when Disharmony occurs as a result of Human Impact, so that a new Equilibrium can be established.

I like this Goal and agree 100%

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