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This section gathers latest posts from various websites that focus on writing about the Equal Money System. Topics range from political, social to cultural commentary and criticism. Most importantly, the writings provide perspectives, alternatives and solutions for the problems found.

Day 233: The Prophecy of The Desolation of Humanity

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Day 255: How will Companies be Nationalized and What does it Mean? LIG

Day 481: Affluenza - Rich Man's Reason

Day 480: What is Corruption?

Day 232: The Hidden Agenda Behind Space Exploration

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Day 230: The 'Mistletoe Girl' and the Current Economic Paradigm

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Day 254: Only for the Brave: Living Income Guaranteed and the End of Warfare

The Haves and the Haves Not - Day 428

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Day 475: No Money? Well then you're an Invalid

Day 473: Cancer Corp

Day 229: Awakening Humanity to the Meaning of Trust

Day 228: Sorry I'm not Qualified to Understand That

Is Fashion Becoming a Branch of the Porn Industry?

Day 35 – The Politics of the Self

Day 227: The Myth of Conscious Buying

Day 34 - On the Issue of "Money"

Day 226: Living Income Guaranteed will Prevent Destruction of Homes

Day 252: The Rich Be Cursed, The Rich Be Blessed

Day 469: Trust the System

Day 33 - Redefining Politics Vlog

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377. What is a Real Democracy?

377. What is a Real Democracy?

Mysterious disease in Africa Turn Children into Zombies

Day 250: Economics Nobel Prize reduced to Laughingstock

376. What is the Living Income Guaranteed?

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