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This section gathers latest posts from various websites that focus on writing about the Equal Money System. Topics range from political, social to cultural commentary and criticism. Most importantly, the writings provide perspectives, alternatives and solutions for the problems found.

Day 439: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Why America Shouldn’t Attack Syria

Day 246: Green Economics – the Newest Fad?

Day 254: To be Clear. As a Woman and As a Mother, I DO NOT support military action by the United States in Syria.

Day 436: Politicians are not People

Day 435: There is no Common Good

374. Living Income Guaranteed: the Real Capitalist Revolution

374. Living Income Guaranteed: the Real Capitalist Revolution

Day 433: Subliminal Messages

Day 245: Living Income Guaranteed and Equal Currency

Day 432: This is Why you Like that Stuff

Day 430: My Wealth Makes the World a Better Place

Day 213: Lovely Day for a Carriage Ride!

Day 429: We Care about Your Health

Day 428: Violence is Never the Answer

Day 427: I Stand by my Political Affiliations

Day 350: A Living Income Guaranteed will End Charity - for Real

Korean Workers Forced To Wear Diapers – WTF economy ?

Day 476: Yoga, Tesco and the Living Income Guaranteed

Day 347: Entering the World System - Who is Your Daddy Now? Money!

458 | Imagine: No Rings of Power - For All Life is Equally Precious

Day 422: What Could Have Been...

Day 346: Parenthood and Corporal Punishment - Scarring/Scaring Tin Soldiers to Death

Day 345: Parenthood - Slaves cloning Slaves

Day 344: Is the Freedom We Seek Someone Else's Enslavement?

Dumbing down our children–Day 405

Day 470: The Fetus and the Cutting-Edge of Time

Day 343: Abu Ghraib and The Macchiavellian use of Press

Day 418: The Law of the Land

Internet Information Accountability

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