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This section gathers latest posts from various websites that focus on writing about the Equal Money System. Topics range from political, social to cultural commentary and criticism. Most importantly, the writings provide perspectives, alternatives and solutions for the problems found.

376. What is the Living Income Guaranteed?

Day 462: Diamonds Taste Good... Real Good

483 | The B.I.G. Story of L.I.G. – Living Income Guaranteed for an Equal Life Foundation

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Day 458: Failed Country, Failed World

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Early Childhood Development is a KEY - Day 414

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Day 248: Q&A on Living Income Guaranteed

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Day 446: Screw you - I Drive a Prius

Day 216: Do your Job Skills Define your Worth as a Human?

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Day 445: Look on the Bright Side

Day 444: Understanding Persuasion

Day 443: It Must be Right if Everyone Believes it

Day 442: My only Interest is in where I have a Vested Interest

Day 441: Blending in

America On War Path For The Dollar

Left with Nothing … Because He Couldn’t Pay a 134 Dollar Tax Bill

Day 215: Ending War and Manifesting Peace on Earth

479 | Survival is not Living

Day 439: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Why America Shouldn’t Attack Syria

Day 246: Green Economics – the Newest Fad?

Day 254: To be Clear. As a Woman and As a Mother, I DO NOT support military action by the United States in Syria.

Day 436: Politicians are not People

Day 435: There is no Common Good

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