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This section gathers latest posts from various websites that focus on writing about the Equal Money System. Topics range from political, social to cultural commentary and criticism. Most importantly, the writings provide perspectives, alternatives and solutions for the problems found.

Day 340: The Common Law is Feudalism in Drags

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Day 463: Can Animals be Brainwashed?

Day 415: Who Wants to Win a... Baby?

Day 414: How much does it Cost to be President?

Day 339: Why the CommonWealth was Never the Common Good

Day 243: Living Income Guaranteed and Communism

Day 413: Noble Words

Day 462: Natural Learning Ability and World Change

Day 412: I'm sorry my Existence Inconveniences you

Day 338: The Birth of Liberal Empire and the Commonwealth

Day 461: Skeptics Failed the Jesus Message

Day 242: The EFF and Land Redistribution in South Africa

Day 459: BIG Pilot Project Namibia: a Perspective

Shocking News: The Royal Baby Died

Day 207: The Secret Truth About The Royal Baby

Day 410: This Baby will Fix the World

Day 409: Revelations

Day 457: World Teachers 2013: It is Time

Day 408: Take that, you Stupid Planet!

Day 245: House of Cards

Day 407: Givez me some Minimalism

Day 241: Will Inflation be a Problem with Providing a Living Income Guaranteed?

Day 456: Inflation and the Living Income Guaranteed

Day 455: A Living Income Guaranteed is the BIG Issue

Day 204: A Witness Blog: I Have Done my Research and Desteni is Not a Scam

Day 454: A Bankrupt World

Day 405: For the Love of Animals - or Money?

Day 404: I'm Rich and Famous. Life Sucks

Day 453: The BIG Scam and Robin

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