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This section gathers latest posts from various websites that focus on writing about the Equal Money System. Topics range from political, social to cultural commentary and criticism. Most importantly, the writings provide perspectives, alternatives and solutions for the problems found.

Day 240: A Bank for the People

Day 403: Oh TV, How I Look up to You

Day 451: The Tap Planned Obsolescence within Basic Income Guaranteed

Border-crossing – the mental divide of real space and illusion

439 | Planet Earth: How Would Your Life Change if a Basic Income was Guaranteed?

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Day 323: IMAGINE a World that Works for All....

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Day 449: The Greatest Secret to Wealth

Day 400: How Much is your Pain Worth?

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Day 399: Just Trying to Survive

Parenting Support - a point to consider - Day 398

Day 239: Sustainable Pricing with Basic Income Guaranteed

Day 447: Good Deeds as Deception

The Bully Project - Day 397

Day 398: Can't Touch this - I is Rich Bitch

431 | Planet Earth: A Fraud System and The Secret about Automation (Part 2)

430 | Planet Earth: A Fraud System and The Secret about Automation

Day 397: The Lonely Path of Success

Day 396: Plastics for Pooches

Day 238: Advertisement vs Rational Informed Decision-Making

Day 443: Basic Income Guaranteed is the Future Capitalistic Revival

Day 442: Sedition is Undermining the Basic Human Rights of Citizens

Acrobat dies during Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil performance - Day 395

Day 441: Basic Nutrition, Basic Income, Basic Education

Day 202: Is Independence Day an Act of Terror?

Day 395: Your Life was just Not Worth it

Day 440: Public Relations and Basic Income Guaranteed

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