The Role of Education in the Capitalistic World

Education is seen as the doorway to opportunity, and in the capitalistic world, opportunity is defined by the kind of skills you can learn which make you employable. And why do you need to be employed? Because you need to survive, and survival must be earned through making money. However, in our profit driven system, the opportunity for every single Human Being to become skilled enough to be employed in a job with a substantial enough income to enjoy all the amenities of life, simply does not exist. Even in countries with well established education systems, such as the United States, children struggle to become effective in the most basic skills for a number of reasons. Statistically, children coming from both middle class, and lower class backgrounds struggle to complete a higher education, and very few achieve a level of training and certification that allows them to find an effective job. Public schools struggle to maintain adequate funding to ensure the needs of every child are met, and educational standards over the decades have progressively lowered, so that struggling students make it through the system. The result of this is that a large percentage of students are not prepared to succeed in college, or enter a highly competitive job market designed for highly trained people. And even with a degree, the choices available to a person are limited to usually decades spent in labor trying to achieve an acceptable level of financial support to survive and support their family, with the essential function of the job a person holds, whether a cashier at a fast food restaurant, or a medical doctor, being that of working to produce a bigger profit for those in control of all the resources - the owners of corporations whose profit interests in all areas of industry shape the parameters within which a person carries out their work and lives their life. Many are stuck in a low paying job their whole life, simply because they never had the money and support to complete a higher education, and survival took priority over any other choice they would have liked to make. On top of this, the growing issue is that there simply aren't enough effective jobs for everyone.

In developing countries with insufficient infrastructure to support the whole populace, where people are being born into extreme poverty, education is a luxury that is simply not available to most, and the skills a person learns are the skills of basic survival. Theft, violence, sweatshop labor, and prostitution are often the quickest path to survival, in an environment where each day is a struggle for food, and happiness is only a dream.

Although there are enough resources to establish a global system that works for everyone, this is not in the best interest of those in control of the resources, because such a solution would mean the end of capitalism - the end of the capitalist's only known way of providing for themselves and their own families. Corruption, competition, control, and greed have become ingrained functions of government, and all in the name of survival where the primary interest of those who shape economic and educational policy, is to protect what they have, rather than risking their own way of life to work together at a global scale to implement a solution that gives everyone an acceptable education and acceptable quality of life.

The Role of Education in an Equal Money System

In an Equal Money System, education is firstly designed around the principle that effective skills in mathematics, reading, communication, and, from as early an age as possible, understanding of the interdependent nature of the Human's relationships with each other, Nature, and Animals, is a basic necessity that must be fulfilled for everyone.

In the capitalistic system, the primary relationship skills one is trained in, are the skills associated with one's relationship with money - how to get money, how to maintain money, how to use money. In the Equal Money System, money itself is irrelevant as a relationship, as one's survival is no longer something determined by one's skill in making money. Since all living requirements are provided unconditionally to all from birth to death, money and survival are no longer the motivating factors underlying the skills one learns.

Everyone will receive free and effective training in language, reading, and mathematics - the basic foundational skills that make it possible to effectively interact with one's world. Prospective parents will receive training to ensure that they are fully capable of supporting their child's development into a functionally effective Human.

In an Equal Money System, since one no longer has to learn skills associated with jobs designed around the profit interests of corporations in a consumer society, further skill development throughout the course of one's adolescent years will instead be focused around developing a full understanding of how the world works, what skills one is best suited to and enjoys the most, as well as exploring social life.

The Internship System will form part of the equivalent of ‘High School’ within the current system. Specifically, from the ages of 16 to 20 years old – individuals will put into practice what they have been studying in theory in their previous years of schooling/education through completion of a 4-year internship.

Internships will be available within the various areas of labor that supports the population in their daily sustenance. Examples of those areas are: • Building and maintaining of housing & living infrastructure • Energy production, such as electricity • Providing clean drinking water • Sewage system building and maintenance • Agriculture/Food production and distribution • Education and schooling • Health care • Organization/Administration • Computer and software • …

Through the Internship Program, youngsters will have the opportunity to participate under the direction of individuals with experience in specific areas of the system. Students will be able to live together and work together as equals - each pursuing that which they find the most interesting, while at the same time making a contribution towards the continued functionality of the Infrastructure and Logistics system that provides everyone with what they need. At the end of the Internship Program, the individual can choose to explore Life through either continuing to work and contribute in a career capacity, or for example, taking some years to travel, pursue creative expression, etc. It will not be required to continue working, as each will receive what they need for a dignified, comfortable life, but most will find that life will be quite boring just sitting at home not participating in the world.

A more detailed description of the Educational experience one can expect in the Internship Program will be added soon.

Education in an Equal Money System has the goal of giving each individual the support to discover their true passion and abilities, achieve a comprehensive understanding of how the world works and how to support life, and develop healthy relationships with themselves, others, and the world while playing an important part in maintaining a system that gives everyone the best Life possible on Earth. And - unlike in the current system - everyone will be Equally included in receiving such Support.

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