Food Production

Only the best and most nutritious food will exist in the Equal Money System.

Determining Effective Nutrition

With food production in an Equal Money System, we have to first start with some questions:

Food will become and exist as only that which is actually required for the human body to function at its best, and to no longer be at the whim of our desires and preferences based in our mind. We will learn to exist free from the desire for and addiction to certain foods – the desire and addiction being not necessary to live free and fulfilling lives in this world.

Within calculating what the human body requires as food and only consuming this, much of what is currently available will no longer exist, as it will serve no purpose. Though with the foods we DO need, we will utilize what is already here in this world to produce it, but do it all in a sustainable, healthy, and abuse-free manner.

Realize that within an Equal Money System the resources are available to do extensive research on how the body functions optimally with nutrition, and the research found is shared and distributed to all to implement within their diet that which is best for all. This will also result in the gradual elimination of health problems such as obesity.

Will We Focus on Nutrition Only?

Physical-nutrition. We are going to have to investigate the relationship between chemical food and the body, and how we’re going to assist/support the physical back to being able to recommunicate with ‘real food’ / ‘real nutrition’ and not chemical war. But, the principle/starting point will be to nurture/assist/support the physical as that which gives us the opportunity to live in this physical existence.

Will We Simplify What We Eat?

Yes, as currently foods have been made with technology and have been manipulated using various chemicals to appeal primarily to people's taste preferences. This is done by corporations mainly for profit/greed. This has made food largely into a point where it is consumed for taste reasons, which has in many instances taken precedence over what is actually best for our body - the pervasiveness of fast food industries around the world is stark evidence of this fact. For example, most of the food we find on supermarket shelves is laden with sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and as a result - mostly in Western culture - many of us have become slaves to a sugar based diet. This is partly the cause of the epidemic with obesity and other health problems. In an Equal Money System, Life = Time, not Time = Money, and so we can establish ways/means of producing food that will in fact be nutritious / as the earth provides it. Food will no longer be produced with chemicals and loaded with addictive ingredients, such as sugar, that is only done today in order for companies to make massive profits within selling products that is not even necessary, and is even harmful, for the human body.

The questions we must ask ourselves are:

Within simplifying what we eat, and eating that which supports the body, we will bring ourselves back to equilibrium within and as our physical.

Will the Relationship with Food Determine the Effectiveness of the Food through Preparing the Water Alignments of the Food?

As we all are substance of/as equality and oneness, who we are is what we create/manifest - in this process of physical equality and oneness, we’ll be able to explore/investigate the reality of how we’ve been influencing/affecting the very physical substance/manifestation of this existence, and how through changing/transforming our relationship with our physical, how the very physical will respond - actual physical communication.

Will Exotic Dishes Still Exist?

‘Exotic’ in the sense of how animals have been abused for the elite/money to fit their money world and ego’s: No. But it will definitely be interesting to explore foods within the various contexts of the physicals that exist, and what / how food will become that is not a chemical warfare in itself.

Will Eating Become a way to Communicate in Groups?

Definitely. At the moment, all physicals are aligned differently in relation to the mind and the being and their processes throughout existence, so varying physicals will be in varying conditions and would require varying nutrition/sustenance/support/assistance. Thus, groups can be formed with physicals with different conditions to gather and investigate/explore the most beneficial way to assist/support the physical back to equilibrium.

Removal of Abuse Caused by Capitalism

The difference in the Equal Money System will be that the abuse and waste that exists currently as a result of the way the system functions now within all forms of food production will be removed. Here are some quick examples:

It is understood that there is enough food in the world currently to feed everyone on Earth. As of 2011, 1.3 billion tons of food, about one third of global food production, is lost or wasted annually. At the same time, half the population of humanity in our world is living in poverty, and over one billion people are starving, simply because they don’t have money to buy food and establish their lives to be able to live comfortably, look after themselves, and not be hungry. The problem is not that there is not enough food, but because we are in a system where if you don't have money, you are left to die. However, within the Equal Money System, food will be available for and distributed to everybody on Earth as a guaranteed basic need. This will eliminate all starvation, and will be a major factor in alleviating all poverty, together with other factors. Throughout a person’s entire life, they will be provided with food and clean water unconditionally as a basic right to life and living in this world. You will never have to worry about whether or not you are going to be able to feed yourself and your children again.


Localized Food Production

In terms of agriculture, food production will operate communally, meaning that food from crops and animals will be produced on farms on land within and around towns and cities, for that particular area. Food will not be dependent on season; much food will be grown in greenhouses as we can’t rely on seasons, since there are only particular fruits and vegetables available depending on the season. Greenhouses will eliminate this limitation and ensure that as much as possible is made available.

Scientists, inventors, and others devoted to improving farming methods and techniques within food production will be at hand in ensuring that the best possible food is made available.

Will Food be Balanced to Fit with the Environment?

Different countries will have different environments in which foods can be produced, so, there may be distributions required regarding certain foods, or we can make the resources available on this Earth, in nurturing the very environments back into equilibrium to produce nurturing food as this will be an education opportunity in itself - how to fertilize the earth back into expression.

Meat Production

Currently, massive amounts of animals such as pigs, cows, chickens and sheep are existent for the sake of meat industries. They are raised brutally and slaughtered at rushed speeds of thousands per day, simply because the demand for meat is in direct relationship to profit. We currently eat meat far more often than we need to, and it has also become a food of entertainment – this will not exist or be accepted and allowed within the Equal Money System.

If we do actually require a meat producing system, which in all likelihood we will, there are at the moment no clear cut ways that we can go about it within the Equal Money System. However, we can look at some examples of what is already being done in this world, look at the facilities that are already here, and work with the knowledge that is available in how to raise animals for meat in a sustainable, eco-friendly, and abuse free manner, in order to produce the best possible life for animals, the healthiest meat for humans to consume, and to stop the destruction of the natural world as much as is able to be done. Here are some ideas and suggestions:

Animals that will be used for food will be raised communally on farms based around cities and towns. We have already the facilities for raising animals for meat, and these will be utilized, though they will be modified to work in consideration for what is best for the animal, such as animals will be living outside on the grass instead of being crammed together in dark, confined spaces, becoming sick and unhealthy; and they will be able to eat what they were originally designed to eat, such as the cow being able to eat grass instead of corn. In not requiring fast production of food animals for the sake of profit, the animals raised for meat will not require being fed corn. This will mean that corn will not need to be harvested and transported great distances just for the sake of feeding animals. This will, combined with animals not living in filthy conditions, also mean the elimination of problems such as E. coli. It will result in manure not having to be dumped in another location which may cause problems, as the animals will be living on and grazing grass, where the manure processes naturally into the soil and fertilizes it at the same time. This will mean the end of toxic wastes from factory farms being dumped into rivers, as is what takes place today.

It will mean the end of the exploitation of workers within meat production as what exists today, such as illegal immigrants from Mexico being hired cheaply by meat production industries in the United States. In the Equal Money System, those working with producing meat will be those conscripted within the four years of labour – people who require meat in their diet. (Link this to the Labour in an Equal Money System article) They will be taught and encouraged to actually consider the animal. There will be regulators assigned in this point of raising and slaughtering farm animals to ensure that no abuse takes place. Only the best and most effective equipment will be used to stun the animals to ensure absolutely that the animal is rendered unconscious before shackling and the draining of blood, so no suffering exists within the whole process of producing meat.

It will be ensured that no abuse is allowed to be inflicted upon these animals as that is simply unacceptable. They are here providing people with food and giving themselves within unconditional support – people will thus be encouraged and educated to consider and care for animals in recognizing the contribution they are giving to all people by actually providing us with food, without which we would not survive. Nothing less than providing these animals with the best possible care and treatment will be tolerated.

The elimination of the starting point of animals being used for profit will by itself stop most of the abuse that takes place today to farm animals. If we take for example chickens: the engineering of chickens in our current system is to have them grow to a big size in only 48 days, to make the breast bigger – this is purely done by industries to make a lot of money much faster than they would if they instead allowed the chicken to grow at its natural rate. This causes much suffering for the chicken, as its bone structure at such a young age is not sufficient in strength to be able to support the weight that it is forced to carry. This abuse will be totally phased out in the Equal Money System, as there will be no longer a profit motive in relation to animals. Chickens will be able to live, grow, and forage naturally, in the outdoors instead of in cages. From there, when they are at the right size, they can be slaughtered in effective and humane ways.

Within actually caring for animals and giving them the best possible life, it will also result in the best possible meat being produced. These animals will be living stress and pain free, eating the foods that was originally designed for them to eat, and they will NOT be pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals as they are today. This will be the best of both worlds for the human and farm animal.

Egg Production

The egg production system as it exists today is effective in producing many eggs, though currently the way that it is done is extremely abusive for the laying chicken. The chicken is forced to live its entire life crammed with other chickens in filthy battery cages, which causes severe discomfort and foot deformation. They do not have the space to live and act naturally, which causes them to become aggressive. They are exposed to constant light to encourage the largest possible production of eggs. All of this is obviously extremely abusive and unacceptable, and exists as a result of the need of industries to profit, and make money to survive in our current economy. This will not exist in an Equal Money System.

Current facilities will be drastically improved to eliminate any potential of suffering taking place to the laying hen, and allowing for production of eggs to remain at an effective level to be able to feed people who require them. We will also expand more into genuine free range eggs, with hens living outside with unlimited access to pasture, and laying their eggs in the barn or shed provided for them. It will be ensured that there will be no need to de-beak or in any other way mutilate the birds, and that they are able to display their natural behavior.


It has been estimated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation that over 70% of the world’s fish stocks are either fully exploited or depleted. In our current system, factory ships are used to catch large amounts of fish, and they are able to stay out at sea for weeks at a time as they have all of the equipment necessary to freeze or tin fish that the ship has caught. The ships use different types of fishing methods in order to catch fish. ‘Drift netting’ is used to catch fish that live in the upper parts of water, and for fish that live mid-water, together with bottom-feeders, the ‘trawling’ method is used, which involves dragging a large net through the water – this catches anything that may be in the way, even if it is not the intended target. Since the 1960’s there has been little increase in catch size; from this time on, the mesh sizes used in fishing nets has decreased in order to be able to catch more fish. Using nets for catching fish, as is done by commercial fishing boats and factory ships today, results in the indiscriminate gathering of marine life, even though the boat may be after only one particular species such as tuna or prawn. For example:

As a result of our overfishing, we are facing a catastrophe both for the marine environment and humanity as a whole, which will have devastating consequences for future generations. We are in a situation where, at the rate we are going with overfishing the oceans, within the next 30-40 years we could very well be facing the extinction of all fish species. This is a result of our current capitalistic system, wherein fish have been given a monetary value, and so the oceans and marine life have been abused and exploited simply for industries to profit, to make a few people very wealthy, and for those who depend on the fish and the industries for their livelihood to survive.

Fishing will function on providing people with the amount of fish they need to survive. Over-fishing will be prevented as all people will also have other foods available to them; the many people who currently depend on fish primarily to survive will have an abundance of other options available to choose from, as they will now have the opportunity to grow foods on a mass scale.

People will no longer depend on fishing, and the current fishing industries, to be able to live and survive, as within the Equal Money System all basic needs are guaranteed and provided for each person.

Within the current system, the economy of countries are always placed above the health of natural resources, thus there is over-fishing, and the annihilation of marine life, that has caused a catastrophe for oceans. Only when the resource is depleted do industries and states change their behavior and approach, out of necessity, proving that overfishing, as what takes place currently, is not necessary.

It must be understood that the natural environment supports and provides for all life plus human beings, unconditionally. Our approach towards marine life, and the entire natural environment, will be of reciprocal support – we will be here, as fellow earthlings, looking after the natural world and the animals in it, instead of exploiting it all for profit. With the need to make profit removed entirely from the equation within Equal Money, there will be no need to exploit the oceans and destroy the marine life, the act of which is already having a devastating effect for people and the environment, and would bring great consequence for future generations. Within the Equal Money System, we can provide everyone with the fish they need WITHOUT destroying the marine environment – instead we will work on restoring the environment and fish species that are currently threatened.

Current profit motivated acts, such as the slaughter of dolphins, whales, and sharks, will be totally banned within the Equal Money System, as the food these animals are slaughtered for currently as delicacies in particular cultures and countries is totally unnecessary for the diet and consumption of human beings to be able to thrive in health and nutrition. Though with the removal of the need to make profit to survive, this in itself will stop the requirement of killing these particular animals.

Limited internship as a Learning and Production Mechanism

Farms will be utilized to educate and train young people working within their interned time of four years, and in this they will learn much to become effective in food production, and also learn to be effective in working in the area they were born in. Those who have a particular interest in this field will become people who will train others when their time of four years of work ends. Initially, for those working in food production for their four years of work, their position will be one of service and responsibility in exchange for the Equal Money System.

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